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(no subject)  
03:51pm 12/04/2006

Meaning...something is failing to comply with archival standards.

As you know..this isnt functional in my world.

All of us behind the journal users/frayo are working hard to get it all back into order.

Anyway- work was sluggish.
Music is going pretty shazzily...and everything is cool. I dont know what else to say.

This is put as a placeholder.
Watch for anything dramatic, changing, or alternating.

Hold Up!
Randomness sponcered by Tyler P. Oden.

I think its about time to realize that.....this user/identity is actually a group of people.
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(no subject)  
10:53am 09/04/2006
Im sorry.
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(no subject)  
12:29pm 20/03/2006
Dear Morrisey,

You Suck

Go Home

You are Generic.

- Your non-Fan (and also originality's last hope for the 21st century)

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(no subject)  
08:58am 15/03/2006
I dont see why we absolutely have to have high paying jobs to survive. I mean, cant I just lay around and do random stuff all day instead?

Im perfectly happy with that.
music: Giorgio Moroder - What a Night
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2nd job.  
09:01am 14/03/2006
I am not sure about this one.

I want this job.
If I submit my resume....they WILL hire me..and have come in this week.

I know- because Im the kind of person they want. I am an excellent writer.

If I wait...someone else will get the position...maybe.

Im not sure.
I may be cutting out of here later this week.

/Sold Out.

This is not a substitute. This is....a second job. I am just not making enough money.

So I need to sell my weekends.
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Re: Blur.  
08:32am 10/03/2006
I am not sure Im ready to go home yet.

My accounting has left my music collection in s mess...
I have a bunch of homework to do over break (I know, right...thats what it means to be a business major..to be stressed and busy all the dang time).

I am holding my breath for an invitation to that dinner....oh man, if I dont get invited, I dont know what to do.

I had a dream about video games...and Jordon Ross was there.

I got sucked into EverQuest and she was all like there, and I was freaking out and it turned into a nightmare.
Monsters were chasing me. Only I was the only one who could see them...effectively confusing everyone.

I got sucked into the game...and started attacking some things. I beat their asses....juped down a freaking waterfall....then some guy grabbed hold of me...and we ran through the snow...an army was like after us, man!!!
It was so freaking scary.
Then my old boss was there, and he was all about some telling me to get back to work.
"But your business is shut down!"

Then....it led to some major confusion and fear for us all. I ended up at this underground toxic chemical plant (that was a cliche super villian base)....
then my alarm woke me up.

I have so much to do. I have a book to read too.
And MY MUSIC COLLECTION....needs organization.

Ill call my parents today.
Maybe they can let me stay up here till Wednesday.
music: The Reddings - Remote Control
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A guy walks into the coffee bar....  
09:04pm 02/03/2006
At the library...

So I go to work on some Busines law and.....then....run out of energy. I get tired.

I start to go to bed....then I remember my reward. If I do awesome on my next accounting exam...I will be rewarded with something awesome.

So I walk to the coffee shop in the library.

I walk into find the coffee shop people doing coffee shop people things. i am the only one not dressed like a hippie or child of retro.
I am dressed....like an accountant.

So I walk up to the counter...
and I order some coffee. Lack of sleep has been catching up with me lately.
I am not sure what to do about it.

It fails....

So I return...
I walk up to the cashier girl and she asks what I would like to order.
She obvioulsy knows what Im talking about. She is a physics major and fully aware of what caffinated really means.
She asks me what Im studying...and apparantly there is some untold secret formula for those in business.
So she manages to force the caffiene of about 6 cups of coffee into this one latte....and its got all kinds of writing on it. It takes the coffee people a long time to make...and then...its here. it tastes kinda funny.

But yeah...I dont plan on sleeping.


And I am going to have that last chapter of Accounting memorized word for word.
The reason is.. I dont want to make an A on that next exam. I want to freaking ace it. Not only that...but a 95 plus.
Its do or die, accounting, its do or die.
music: Accruals running through my head.
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12:35pm 27/02/2006
63% of all statistics are made up.....including this one.

- Dogbert

"those people in the cafeteria are noisy."
"I know...someone should go tell them to shut up....Jonathan."
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(no subject)  
11:55am 26/02/2006
So i chose finance...

and now you are going to abandon me because you think I dont understand.


I seriously hate people.
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(no subject)  
01:17am 25/02/2006
Im sorry for pushing everyones buttons on LJ. I went to bed early....(8:30) and now Im awake again....

But dang.

I didnt mean to be a jerk.
I didnt think everyone would take it all so personally.

Then my responces piss more people off. Then appologies piss even more people off.

So Im going to ignore it, drink some water because Im thirsty....and then wander around some.
Ill smoke some cigarettes, listen to some italo, and get out of everyones way.
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