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That which is never seen

Ripples in a liquid soundscape

25 May
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I was born...Now I am alive.

1980s, 80s, 80s alternative, 80s fashion, 80s metal, 80s pop, 80s rock, absinthe, aliens, analogue synthesizers, anarchy, androgyny, anime, anthropomorph, anti-social, antrhomorph, arpeggiators, artificial intelligence, asphyxiation, atheism, audio synthesis algorithms, babes, bio-mechanics, biotechnology, blade runner, blue hair, boobs, bowie, chaos theory, chicks, chicks that play keyboards, cigarettes, circuit boards, cloning, cowboy bebop, cryogenics, curiosity, cybernetics, cyberpunk, dark wave, darkwave, degredation of humanity, depeche mode, disco, dj pussy galore, dragons, dx-7, dx7, dystopia, ebay, electricity, electro, electronic music, electronica, electronics, emulator, ensoniq, erotica, fairlight, fantasy, fire, fm synthesis, furries, futurepop, futurewave, futurism, games, gary numan, genetic engineering, genetics, giger, girls, h.r. giger, hentai, hr giger, ideology, imagination, industrial, information age, italo disco, japan, japanese anime, johnny depp, keyboards, kyrahash, lust, magic, mesh, movies, mozart, music, mythology, nanotechnology, neon, new wave, nihilism, novation, oberheim, old skool punk, oldschool punk, oral sex, perversions, piano, psychohistory, psychosociology, reno 911!, ridley scott movies, robots, rough sex, russia, sarcasm, sci-fi, science, science fiction, scifi, sequential circuits, sex, star wars, supercomputers, surrealism, synth pop, synthesis technology, synthesizers, synthetic music, synthpop, tattoos, techno, technology, technopop, the 80s, the future, time travel, tokyo, trance, vampires, video game music, video games, vintage synthesizers, vinyl clothing, vinyl records, violent sex, vocoders, vogue, waldorf, wavetable synthesis, yamaha dx7, yiff