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06:31pm 30/06/2006
Meh, I suppose I can muster up an update in Frayo.
I think people still read this one...maybe.
I have been spending my free time pissing in the ocean of cliches over at user name known as "I.V.O."...but alas...of course I update way too many times, and just like in my real life....friends are scarce...because I just talk too much.

Quite the opposite problem.

But the ones I have, I would do anything for....reguardless of they believe of me.

On the light-headed note, I just woke up from a nap.
I hate to nap alone!

But I bring good news.

Im still in school. Finances are good.
I found a new place to live.
For you local Booners out there-

You know that place.....up on the mountain that they dynamited out....and built apartments into? The one that made all the geology professors say "That place is going to fall!". The one where I went to that Asian Invasion keggar (This drunk dude drove me there...and hit a light post outside the complex...he just kinda dinged it...but he just decided to stop there)
But anyway- we all got so trashed there...that we swore the apartments were falling. These things are literally clinging into the sides of the rock face...they look scary...and they are WAY high up. My roomate took me over there.....

"When you fall down the hill on top of the Wal Mart, just wanted you to know it was nice knowing you"

I stood at the edge and replied "I know, Right."

'Indoor Swimming Pool Open Year Round.' - Elizabeth...woman that was office-ing.
To which the voice in my head goes "you need not say more."

I've grown spoiled having all day access to a pool...and hot tub.

I need a car. My boss is trying to get me to get a car...so he can hook me up with these jobs that pay $20 to $35 per hour (Or just $150 per day) just helping out rich old ladies with their gardening.

I need to keep my weekeds open next semester, so that I can....make more cash.
I hope I have some free time this fall. I really really do. This whole not having any free time thing...has sucked hard ass.
but how can I compare it? I worked non stop through my vacation.

Not complaining. $1,400 a month tells me that everything is magical.
music: Ampersand - Traction
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(no subject)
01:29am 01/07/2006 (UTC)
you'd better keep those damn weekends open for a very different reason, a reason named Kristi.

I love you, damnit.
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